Diamond Grinding

In 1984 our customers came to us with a need for bump removal on ride quality projects. We immediately invested in the equipment to fill the demand and satisfy our customers. In the Diamond Grinding process we use machines outfitted with many closely spaced diamond blades cooled with water to remove bumps on any concrete or asphalt surface. Our machines can remove as little as 1/16 of an inch, up to 1 inch of material in a single passes. Our grinders are also equipped with a vacuum system which collects all of the material removed as well as the cooling water (slurry) which is then pumped wherever the project requires. We offer a three foot wide cut or a four foot wide cut depending on the customers needs. Since we use diamond blades to remove the material we provide a smooth, clean cut which leaves a corduroy type texture on the pavement resulting in a skid resistant surface. The diamond grinding also eliminates wheel hop therefore resulting in a safer roadway for the motoring public and longer life of the pavement surface.

Freeways and Major Roadways: Our Company provides services to meet all ride quality needs on roadways. Our diamond grinders can do corrective grinding or continuous grinding depending on the project needs. Diamond grinding of any road results in a very smooth safe ride.   We clean up imperfections in new roadways or make older roadways (after patching or DBI) ride just like new.

Bridge Decks: We also provide profiling of bridge decks. Many of our customers have found that by removing the bumps and eliminating wheel hop on bridge decks results in a longer lasting bridge.

Industrial: We can also provide diamond grinding services for Industrial companies. For example by removing bumps in factory floors the customer has a safer surface for forklifts which are carrying tall loads.

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