Company History

My wife Joan and I each grew up on dairy farms located in Michigan's beautiful thumb area. We met in our last year of college and were soon after married and beginning a family of five beautiful children. I worked for the Michigan Dept. of Public Health and decided that I could use some supplemental income. So, in 1973 I started hoof trimming dairy cattle. Joan was a stay at home mom which enabled her to run the office. In 1978 our business grew to offer a barn floor safety grooving business. To date, we have grooved over 1,750 dairy farms in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

In 1984 Interstate Highway was rebuilding I-96 which led me to stop and ask if they had any need for grooving. They told me that they could occasionally use some re-tinning on rained on slabs, however the best service I could provide them was to invest in a highway grinder to fulfill their corrective grinding needs. I jumped at the opportunity and purchased a Target, 3 foot wide cut airport groover. I modified the groover with $500 worth of steel and fabricating which gave me a 2 foot wide cut diamond bump grinder. I did several bump grinding jobs with this machine but soon realized I needed something bigger. So in 1987 I purchased a Target highway grinder with a three foot cutter head. We diamond ground dozens of mainline and bridge deck projects to meet ride quality specs.

Throughout the years we have done hundreds of jobs for our concrete pavers as well as HMA pavers. In Dec. of 1998 I left my state job to put all of my efforts into my growing business. In 2001 we had a custom built 4 foot wide cut hydraulic powered highway grinder built to enhance our tool box so we could meet the needs of a growing industry. It has been an exciting journey, working with a wide variety of terrific people and assisting them in getting a very smooth driving surface.

Whether it is a race track, highway, bridge or industrial floor, Opperman Grooving excels at the challenge to create a smooth and safe surface.

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